Wedding services

--Now offering HD video--

Since Sub-Zero Productions is based out of Hillsboro, ND, we can effectively cover a wide area, including the Fargo, Grand Forks, and western Minnesota area. We are also willing to travel to western North Dakota and the Twin Cities areas.

We offer two different packages for wedding services. For a Demo DVD of what our wedding videos look like or to request a date, please use our contact form.

With our new high-definition capabilities, we are also offering a Hi-Def upgrade for both packages. You must have a television or monitor that will display HD resolutions as well as a Blu-Ray drive that will play Blu-Ray discs (regular DVDs do not have adequate storage to display HD content of length).

If you do not currently have the capacity to play Blu-Ray discs, please note: Starting June 2009, we may be shooting your wedding in HD. If you purchase a Blu-Ray player in the future, you might be able to receive your wedding video in HD for the nominal upgrade fee. Additional Blu-Ray copies will be available for a flat rate. Please inquire if your footage will be shot in HD.

Basic Package - $500
Hi-Def Upgrade - +$75

The basic video of your full wedding service, but we still offer our high quality video and audio of the event. We also offer some editing of the footage. Two cameras will be used, but only one videographer will be present.

A personalized DVD (or Blu-Ray disc, if filmed in Hi-Def) of the final product is included with this package.

Full Package - Starting at $1,000
Hi-Def Upgrade - +$150

Features the videotaping of your full wedding service, but includes a lot more! Sub-Zero Productions will videotape hours before the service begins to capture all of the heartfelt, emotional, and often funny impromptu moments. We also include your reception and dance highlights.

We offer our high quality video and audio of the event, along with a personalized DVD (or Blu-Ray disc, if filmed in Hi-Def) of the final product to complete your package. This package involves the use of two (three, with the HD package) cameras. We ask that you provide music you own for background music during different parts of the video.

Extras - Available by request

Add on to your Full Package in any way you wish! Request interviews with the wedding party or guests, have the rehearsal filmed as well as the groom's dinner, etc. It's all up to you! Please contact us for more details.

The total price of the package and extras (depending on amount to be filmed) will not exceed $1,600 ($1,900 for an HD wedding).

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