Sub-Zero Productions portfolio

The Sub-Zero Productions portfolio includes weddings, educational videos, and private, corporate, and event videography.

Here are a few samples. Keep in mind that the video quality is greatly reduced due to various compressions to get it online:


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Clausen Springs Dam Erosion, Kathryn, ND, April 15, 2009.

A brief clip from some footage I shot for the National Wildlife Federation.

This footage is of a Blackhawk helicopter lowering a 1,000 lb. sandbag on the Clausen Springs Dam spillway. The spillway had begun to erode (as seen in the video), and, if no effort had been taken, the city of Kathryn, ND, would be under water.

Because of the sandbags and the effort of a bunch of people, the town should be spared.

Thanks to the sheriff's deputy who let me sneak by for 10 minutes (which was actually more like 15) to get this quick shot.

Also, at the end of the clip, a nearby road was washed out due to the increased flow of the river.

Northern Lights BreakDown - "Apologize" Dance

Performance from the Northern Lights BreakDown retreat in Bismarck, ND, May 29th, 2009. Shot from three angles in HD.

tk cr b4 2 l8 (Take Care Before It's Too Late)

Produced in a partnership between SADD and the ND Department of Transportation, this film urges young drivers about the importance of seatbelt use and the dangers of distracted driving.

SADD: Then and Now

Produced for SADD National's 25th Birthday and premiered at the SADD National Conference in Boston, MA. This film details the humble beginnings of SADD and the amazing spread of the organization in only a few years' time.

Hillsboro VB 2006 State Champions

Filmed in Minot, ND, at the State Class B Volleyball championship. A three-disc DVD set with 6 hours of footage.

Penny for Prevention Commercials

A set of three commercials designed to deliver a simple message to the viewer regarding the Penny for Prevention initiative.

Sub-Zero Productions :30 Radio Promo

A sample of our radio commercial ability.