HD video solutions for the Red River Valley

With the influx and popularity of media content today, quality video productions are in ever-increasing demand. Whether you are a bride looking to capture your wedding day or a businessperson hoping to wow customers with your services, a superb video can showcase in a way other forms of media simply can't.

At Sub-Zero Productions, we work to highlight the personality of your event or organization and give you an attractive way to display it.

Located between Fargo and Grand Forks in Hillsboro, ND, Sub-Zero Productions travels across the region to provide high-quality video production at an affordable price. With a storied history of filming special events, capturing wedding days, and producing original content for clients, Sub-Zero Productions has the passion and experience to produce attractive media for all occasions.

New in 2009, Sub-Zero Productions is offering HD video filmed in pristine 1080i resolution, nearly two and a half times the resolution of standard video. If you are interested in having your video shot or produced in high definition, please inquire!

For more information on Sub-Zero Productions and our vision for how we can help you, please check the About Us page.