SZP Sports Photos


I do photography only very occasionally and try to avoid it so I don't take away business from my great photographer friends in the area (not that I'm any substitute for their skills, but I digress).

I've found a bit of a fun niche in the Hillsboro area taking sports and event photos for the Hillsboro Banner and for the Hillsboro high school yearbook - that is, until I teach some of the students there how to use a DSLR for themselves.

I got some requests to put my photos online, and I've done that a bit on my Facebook profile. However, some people were wondering where they could purchase my photos. I could do that on here but I'd rather outsource the upkeep to another site.

So here we go.... check out, home for all of my semi-professional photos of sports and other events in the area.

Video is still my focus, but this is just a little venture on the side to hopefully provide some great keepsakes to area high school students and parents.

Photo downloads are only $1 for personal use and prints are very cheap.

New photos will be added pretty much every week, so keep checking back!