About Sub-Zero Productions

Where we're located

We're located in the Erickson Agency building at 502 W. Caledonia Ave. in Hillsboro, ND.

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Using some of today's leading digital media hardware and software, Sub-Zero Productions assures a high-quality product. We use Canon XL2 and Canon XH-A1 video cameras, Sennheiser Evolution G2 wireless microphones, Sennheiser ME66 shotgun microphones with boom pole and windmuffs, a Canon Digital Rebel XT photo camera, a Firestore FS-4 hard drive recorder, light kits, and Adobe video collection software. All data is backed up on nearly 7 terabytes of hard drive space. DVDs are reproduced using a Bravo II DVD publisher which allows for one-click publishing (burning and printing) for up to 50 DVDs at a time.

For more on the quality you get with Sub-Zero Productions, check out the Sub-Zero Difference.

Sub-Zero Productions holds its products to a high personal standard. Hours upon hours of care and meticulous work will be put into each and every production to meet not only the expectations of the customer, but also the high expectations of the production editor.


While some production companies charge thousands of dollars for similar services, we at Sub-Zero Productions believe in keeping a low bottom line so we can offer a high-quality product at reasonable prices.

Everyone should be able to afford keepsakes of their memorable wedding day, businesses should be able to save money in designing their advertisements so more money can be invested elsewhere. These opportunities should not be lost on people who cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for brief videos. This is why Sub-Zero Productions offers more for less.

About the owner

A 2003 graduate from Hillsboro High School and a 2008 graduate (magna cum laude) of the University of North Dakota in visual communication, Cory Erickson has a portfolio full of productions of varying content and length that have been seen by thousands of adults and students around the region. His efforts were recognized at the collegiate level in 2006 when he was awarded UND's Thomas Deats Award for excellence in visual communication.

Cory officially started Sub-Zero Productions in April 2006. Located out of Hillsboro, he does business around the Red River Valley with local businesses, organizations, and private interests. He has also done business with the national office of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) as video producer and photographer.